Friday, January 21, 2011

DJSI Dow Jones Sustainability Index

The link pasted below is for the Dow Jones Sustainability index:

“The quality of a company's strategy and management and its performance in dealing with opportunities and risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments can be quantified and used to identify and select leading companies for investment purposes.”(DJSI)

This statement provides information as to the interest in this world for “business sustainability” aside from making future generations have the same opportunities that we do. This idea for sustainability makes me very interested in CSR, it seems as though it is charitable donations for the future.
The rest of this entry covers categories that are looked at for placement on this type of list for corporate sustainability such as: Strategy (Integration of long term CSR strategies, Financial, Customer & Product (Long term financial and economic growth as well as transparent accounting practises), Governance & stakeholder (Corporate codes of conduct and reporting) and Human (organisational learning and knowledge management practices as well as benefit programs).

This entire entry is based on an idea that impresses me, and seems to me to be the most driving force behind the idea of the want to be a sustainable corporation. “Corporate sustainability performance is an investable concept” (DJSI)

Posted by: Allen Pumphrey

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