Monday, April 16, 2012

McDonald's progress in CSR

1. McDonalds is a largely renowned corporation that has been established worldwide over the past 70 years and has been a negative factor on fast food restaurant production. They have been the top competitor with restaurants by providing a lower level of food at a fraction of the price of restaurants. This has allowed for the success of McDonalds but also the decline. Because they have done this, they have contributed to one of the highest increases in the past decade for obesity rates. Consumers find McDonalds a quick resource for food that will satisfy you, and cost cheap. The increase in rates has left people judging whether it is worth even eating anymore. Throughout the last decade McDonalds has changed their corporate responsibility to their corporation through a variety of goals. The largest problem was monitoring cattle and chicken production. By not using anti-biotics or mass production of animals, they have decreased the rates of fattier foods. McDonalds is a large contributing factor to their successful fundraisers such as Ronald McDonald camp, cure mobiles, etc. They have shown the care and respect they have for communities and are working towards a happier global population. The biggest factor I noticed was the reduction on their global footprint. By reducing just salt and water waste, they have already reduced it by 6%, and are soon to aim for 20%. This strive is showing a better environmental option for McDonalds and will start to change how people this of McDonalds. With healthier options coming out on the menu, McDonalds has high hopes to be a safer and more ethical corporation that focuses on their corporate responsibilities and not how cheap they can make food for. McDonalds future goals to become healthier and provide a better global effect

Jeffrey Sheardown

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