Monday, April 16, 2012

Ovechkin Salary

1. I believe this is not ethical as no NHL specified player has enough talent and common sense to gain $29, 054/ hour. This is truly wasting the economies spending money on singe stand out athletes. While franchise's waste large amount of money on their star athletes, the economy is not moving anywhere fast. This salary expense is not worth the price of one player who is not providing the team with enough ethical and leader behaviour to be worth $124 million. Alexander Ovechkin is a fantastic hockey player don’t get me wrong but that money could be put to better uses throughout teams, stadiums, and local communities. No player will have enough things to buy with this salary amount and to even think of paying this over 13 years is a unreal call. In 13 years Ovechkin will be a shadow in another all-stars image and all the money Washington has spent of idolizing their star Russian winger will be wasted. For the time period that he is there he should make far less for the performance he has displayed over the past year. The younger generation is slowly uprising and this is where scouts and some salaries should be used towards. Gaining these your athletes could change teams, example, Sidney Crosby. Young all stars such as these need to be vitalized and force the GM's to not waste unneeded amounts of money on him. Any player would agree for that much a year, don’t get me wrong but there are far bigger things to put it towards and this organization needs to get a larger grip on what it is spending its fans money on. Until Ovechkin gets over 50 goals a season like Wayne Gretzky, than I may consider keeping a higher salary. Until than the Washington Capitals wasted more money on a dying star

Jeffrey Sheardown

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