Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ethics of pay with athletes

Athletes are paid millions of dollars in order to play sports professionally which some people would say is a “waste of money” when you consider what they are doing which is playing a sport.  People who think this way believe in Rewarding merit, and believe that doctors and teacher should be paid more than athletes however I tend to differ for 3 main reasons: source of pay, how they are viewed, and distance from family

Source of pay
Athletes get paid from a privatized organization who receives the money from us the viewer’s tuning in to watch them do what they do best. Doctors and teachers tend to get their pay from the government through us physically from paying taxes and although a lot of people would like to see careers like that get more pay, not likely they would want to pay more to witness it happen

How they are viewed
With professional athletes they are under a microscope 50% of the time and the better they are that rate increases. Professionals are seen to be role models whether they like it or not so they have to be on their best behaviour, while other professions don’t always have to be on their best behaviours they are allowed to have bad days emotionally because society won’t see they most of the times.

Distance(family time)
As a professional athlete you’re always traveling and rarely ever have time for your family, I believe the pay reflects the fact that since you can never be with your family it’s still lets you contribute to them by making sure they are financially stable. Although nothing can replace the fact that you can’t be there for them all the time you can financially set up ways to compensate for some of the time missed.

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