Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fired for tweeting about ‘Hung’ star Jane Adams.

Jon-Barrett Ingels worked at Barney Greengrass, a café in Beverly Hills known for their celebrity clientele. And on an average Tuesday in the summer of 2009, that clientele included ‘Hung’ star Jane Adams whose bill came to a modest $13.44. Only when it came time to pay, she apparently forgot her wallet in her car and promised to return to settle up. But she never did.

A representative of Adams called the next day to settle the tab, sans tip.
It was then that Ingles went to his Twitter account to describe his encounter with Ms.Adams to his 22 followers.

"Jane Adams, star of HBO series 'Hung' skipped out on a $13.44 check. Her agent called and paid the following day. NO TIP!!!"

 A 15-20 per cent service charge is standard in the US, a courtesy to servers who provide good service. Several weeks later Adams arrived at the restaurant herself to hand him the $3 he believed he was owed, mentioning that a friend had alerted her to his tweet. "The bitterness was saturating every word," Mr Ingels later wrote on his blog. 

Check out Ingles full account on his Blog: http://howtosucceedasafailure.blogspot.ca/2009/08/tipping-twitter.html
Ingles posted several more tweets to his account to try to make up for the bad impression that Adams seemed to have of him following the incident.

‘1.For the record I love Jane Adams (Hung)!! 2.Jane read my tweet about not tipping and came in to leave me $3. 3. Power of Twitter’

‘For the record I think Jane Adams (Hung) is a great actress’

Despite this he was sacked around two weeks later, due to a complaint from the actress that was brought to the attention to corporate head office.

Ingles, who has a young daughter, has been tweeting about his joblessness ever since.

‘Just sold my bed and t.v. at a yard sale. Yep, that’s what it’s come to’ he wrote October 2009
I find this story frustrating and particularly sad. I’ve never believed that celebrities should get preferential treatment when in the ‘real world’, they should have to follow the same rules and courtesies that are expected of ‘Everyday’ people. Regardless of your social status, choosing to not leave a tip is an extremely clear message of dissatisfaction with the service. And personally I still tip even with poor service, just not as much as I would a good server. Leaving a zero dollar tip is insulting to the server especially if they did a good job, and it’s really quite rude. So I find the fact that Adams complained about Ingles when SHE was ignorant to HIM completely upsurd. Though this is not the worst part of the story by any means.

My issue comes from the fact he was fired for tweeting about this on his personal account, when no mention was made about where the incident took place. In order to be fired, should there not be some sort of reference made to the restaurant by Ingles? None of his whopping 22 followers would have known because he didn’t mention it. The reputation of the restaurant was not in danger, in fact there would be much less attention given to the incident if Ingles had not been let go.

This incident was a complete abuse of power by Adams, and Barney Greengrass made no attempt to defend Ingles, an employee of 5 years. Head office actually went out of their way to track Ingles and fire him. Would this have happened if a Ms. Jane Doe, an ‘everyday’ person had complained about the server? Absolutely not. Barney Greengrass fired a man because a celebrity asked them to, and in firing him sent his life into a nose-dive of joblessness even though he had a young daughter to support.

I wish Jon-Barrett Ingels the best of luck, and I hope he is able to find a job sooner then later for him and his daughters sake.

By: Lindsey Clark


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