Friday, March 18, 2011

Industry Canada By James Gimblett

I found a web site that is published by industry Canada. On the site they talk about CSR. They are saying that the CSR movement is gaining steam not only here in Canada but around the world. On the site they describe CSR as the business role in sustainable development and the pursuit of the triple bottom line. It is an approach to doing business which integrates and balances economic, environmental and social performance with the goal to continuously improve upon all three. It talks about how consumers have an important role in encouraging businesses to adopt and advance CSR. Most companies make an effort to learn about their customer’s preferences and opinions. The site also points out the broad range of issues related to CSR that consumers care about. The economic interests, environmental problems and social concerns. It also says to stay informed. Being a sustainable consumer begins with being an informed one. It gives tips on finding information to help you on your search. It also brings up the topic of lifecycle management. It talks how some companies have already started to look at their product from beginning to end. Interface for example. It says to evaluate the source. It gives tips on things to search and the fact that it is impossible to research all purchases made. It also talks about socially responsible investing and ways to go beyond just purchasing.

This web site is very informative. I am glad that I found it and seen that our government although not involved in any sort of green house gas reduction talks is supporting good CSR practices. They are also giving us the consumers a great place to start. The site is a summary of what is going on in CSR right now and what you can do to support it. I was shocked to see that the first socially responsible index was launched in 1986. This site also provides links to other CSR related topics and as I mentioned before tips on how you can be socially responsible and force companies to change their ways. It covers most of the topics we have covered in class so far and I feel that it is current information. I have began to see many commercials for companies promoting their quest to be socially responsible. Coca-Cola being the latest one. This shows that we really do have a say in the way companies are run. If the government is involved it must be going to make money. Haha sorry my attempt at humour. Well to wrap it up I would just like to tell everyone who reads this to make sure you check out this page and keep yourself informed knowledge is power.

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