Friday, March 25, 2011

What water crisis?

Water, what do you think about when you hear that word. Do you think, drink, shower, rain, what about conservation? Our world is slowly running out of fresh water, not only is there a water crisis in the developing countries, but we are having one right here, and we have to do something about it.

This link leads you to a CBC program called “And the winner is”, to listen to the clip you are going to have to go down the page until you reach March 8th, or “Tina and Kim Pittaway's Watery Road to Hell / Kindred Spirits in Kenya.” The program is about half an hour and very informative on how much water we use in our daily lives, not just how much we drink and flush down the toilet but how much water it takes to make your t-shirts, and that sometimes being lazy and using technology is actually better for the environment.

For CSR I had read a book about the Global Water crisis, but for the most part it talked about a crisis in India, and Africa and what they should be doing to help use the water they have to its full potential. While Tina and Kim really bring home what we can do to reduce our water footprint. It doesn’t take much, and I am going to start doing things differently, such as meatless Monday’s, using the dishwasher, taking my car to the carwash, and buying a low flow shower head, because for all I say I would take a 3 minute shower… there is no way.

This link is very informative on the many ways water impacts our lives, and what we can do to save this precious resource.

- Laura Macdonald

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