Monday, March 14, 2011

Social Corporate Responsibility and Natural Disasters

Recently, we have seen a massive Earthquake in Japan, which got me thinking: should it be a corporate responsibility to aid in the relief and support of the countries that go through national disasters; and is the only reason these companies support the disaster stricken regions to make money?

Everyone would agree that all business is about is making money, as stated in the video “the best kind of business is where you make money by doing good.” ( This statement is very impacting, and after hearing this, I noticed that many of the huge corporations in North America will most always have a disaster relief fund, or aid in the destruction of the environment. After researching such companies, I found Coca-Cola’s disaster relief page: (

The big companies of North America doing this has maybe/or maybe not saved them millions of dollars in advertising; but it has also put a face on the company that says they are here to help people, and will do anything it takes to save lives/make them better.

Of course, in sense, these companies providing relief actually ends up helping those in need – look at the help and change brought to Haiti as an example. But I guess the question remains: if these companies are actually helping, is what they are doing to make themselves look better considered wrong?

- Sarah Court

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