Friday, March 25, 2011

Lying: Not Welcome

In February 2011, many people sighed a breath of relief when it was announced that Sun TV, would not be allowed to broadcast certain news information across Canada. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper made a request for a change in a broadcasting regulation in regards to the station, but was later denied. Why? The regulation that Harper wanted to change was allowing news stations to provide viewers with misleading and or false information. Currently and previously, Canada differs from the United States because they do not allow any type of media stations to do so. This broadcast regulation is set by CRTC, The Canadian Radio Television Telecommunication Commission.
After reading information regarding this regulation and how it is not allowed in Canada, I kept thinking about the Fox News and Monsanto case that happened in the movie The Corporation. Journalists Jane Arke and Steve Wilson lost a lawsuit and their jobs all because of the legal right in United States to broadcast false and misleading information. It is outright disturbing to know that U.S citizens do not have the same rights as Canadians when it comes to news and television. It really brings up the question, of how much news is falsified in America and how much is truthful. It seems that ethics in the news no longer exists in America, instead profit and money overrule. It is a satisfying feeling to know that CRTC denied the law change, and is more concerned with the viewers than large news corporations making an income.
Although SunTv will launch this coming April, its news report will be filled with truthful information, exposing the world of everything it has to offer. There will be no cover-ups, misleading information, or blatant lying. Canadians can sleep with ease knowing that they have the right to truthful information, and unfortunate cases similar to the one listed above cannot happen to them.

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