Friday, March 15, 2013

CIA 2030 Report

CIA 2030 Report

By: Tanner Swann


If you don’t know what the world has in store for you, the CIA does. Every 4 years, the CIA gives insight from the intelligence that they collect over the years. They write up reports, physical landscape changes, water securities and other detailed information on what the scenario is for the future.

The report for 2030 outlines a shift in political powers, agriculture and the value of commodities. These three key concepts can bring about World Water Wars that can literally change the face of the earth and how we live if not balanced.

Water Issues: There has been a trend in science that shows humans are depleting the amount of fresh water that is available each year. Water has been affected by poor water management, pollution, reduced water flows, environmental impacts, etc.

Agriculture: With the trends heading in a pessimistic direction for developing countries, the developed countries with a free market system have the chance to make short-term financial gains on raising the price for valued commodities, like water.

·         35% of the global labour force is employed in agriculture.

o   Higher percentages in developing countries.

§  Counting for up to almost  95% of total water use. (PG 6)

Value of Commodities: This gives countries like the United States, Russia and Canada the benefit from an increase in demand for foods with high amounts of water and water itself (PG 8).  If the water shortage becomes as bad as its predicted, water will be offered to privileged consumers for the right price.

With leverage being bent towards more of a capitalistic country, water can be obtained by the economic boom that the rarity of water will send their way. The world for water terrorism will be very much realistic where physical infrastructure, like water towers, will be among may target for water attacks(PG4). Creating a public outbreak that will leave public desperate and government to take extreme measure of precaution. In the following decade, activists known to be ‘Freedom Fighters’ will be called ‘Terrorists’. Does this not happen today? What is every human exactly entitled to?

 Political Powers: The CIA Report also said that China would surpass both Russia and the States combined in population, GDP, military spending and technological spending. Presently, China is buying up a lot of the United States debt due to the economic crash in 2008. Yet, in the Water Wars to come, China is labelled as ‘extreme water stress’ for 2030 (PG ix). Who is to say that China will not use their investment leverage over the States to satisfy the extreme demand for Chinese consumers?


“Each generation will reap, what the former generation has sown”

Capitalism provides choice because of ‘free markets’.  It has successfully given consumers the initiative to seek the most utility out of the demanded goods and services provided by businesses. Businesses give products and services based on the positive profit amount that is gained through consumer demand. 2030 is 17 years away and most reading this will still be alive when reading this. If we continue on these trends, we will no longer have a choice that many people today have fought years of their life over to presently attain.

The technology right now cannot solve all of these issues. On the other hand, we have education, technology, government regulations and business today that can help change what the supposed 2030 is to look like. I believe everyone is entitled to water and if we are good enough business professionals to solve problems while keeping the consumers and organizations needs intact. We can become innovative enough to keep consumers and organizations in existence.


We should be motivated to:

·         Change traditional forms of technology.

·         Redefine what quality life should be.

·         Continue to find sustainable resources.


It is easier said than done, but the world water wars will be won by the greedy if things do not change. With that said, what would that generation be left with?







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