Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sobey's CSR- Travis Taylor

Sobeys is one of the biggest grocery store companies in Canada. They own several other stores that are not under the Sobeys name such as Price Choppers, IGA, Foodland, FreshCo and others. Sobeys prides themselves on being a "green" and environmentally friendly company. Sobeys has a program set in place to eliminate the plastic waste that is seen in other grocery stores. The program is called Green Bag for Life and they are reusable bags that you bring with you when you go grocery shopping and then you take them home and bring out the bags when you need them again. The price is very low for these reusable bags so customers are more apt to purchase them in order to help out the environment.

I work at a Sobeys store so I have seen first hand the work that they put into being sustainable and environmentally responsible. At my store, Sobeys recently changed all the lightbulbs in the store to energy efficient light bulbs which helps with lowering using so much energy which is good for the environment. Also at my store, we have a cardboard compactor which is where all the cardboard goes to be compacted down into a big block. Sobeys has plenty of cardboard waste so recycling the cardboard has a huge impact on the environment because all that cardboard is not being sent to landfills.

Since I started working at Sobeys I also seen some things that they can improve on to further their Sustainability and Environmentally responsible business practices. At my store there are recycling bins all around the store, some that are sorted with glass and plastic and some with paper. This seems like a good thing to do but at the end of the night the recycling all gets collected and thrown in the garbage. All that recyclable material is being sent to sit in landfills when it wont break down for 50 years.

Sobeys is a company that is trying to be "green" and Environmentally friendly, but they still have some work left to do.

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