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Biodiversity:  is defined as contraction of the phrase "biological diversity," is a complex topic, covering many aspects of biological variation. The word biodiversity is used to describe all the species living in a particular area. Companies depend on biodiversity. When a manufacturing company melts plastics and make its finishing product it pollutes the environment. The government doesn’t permit the factories to pollute the environment. Biodiversity helps to improve the atmosphere and provide clean air and water services important for a regular managing atmosphere. It provides raw materials, technology and businesses. Biodiversity or the variety of life and organic techniques is vanishing all across the planet quicker than ever before. This loss of biodiversity symbolizes a company danger. As variety vanishes so do the possibilities for new products, new technology and new businesses. The CSR knows that their existence and business activity depends on the benefits and the activities which have impact on biodiversity. It also emphasises preservations activities as well as efforts to fight climate change. Biodiversity should be included in preserving environmental management to build more sustainable world.
·        In Canada if we look towards the biodiversity, Canada has abundance of biodiversity from small insects to the vast northern forest. Ontario has large diversity of lakes to drink the fresh water and fresh air to breath due to biodiversity. Ontario government implement many different programs such as:
·        Gardening? Plant native species. For helpful suggestions see Grow Me Instead: Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for your Garden (PDF 6Mb)
·        When you go to camping Don’t transport firewood.  Buy it locally; leave what you don’t use there.
·        Going fishing? Don’t empty your bait bucket in or near water – it’s against the law.
·        Going boating? Wash your boat before you move to another lake or river.
·        Going hiking? Clean visible mud, plants and seeds from your boots and other equipment.
·        Have a fish pet that is no longer wanted? Don’t release it into the wild and don’t flush dead fish down the toilet. Put them in the garbage or compost.
·        Have a turtle or other small reptile pet that is no longer wanted? Don’t release it into the wild. Contact a reptile rescue society like Little RES Q for help.
·        Travelling?  Don’t take plants, plant parts, seeds or fruit across borders.

Biodiversity is very important for all humans, Biodiversity is about being connected. All species including humans too need help and are depended on each other to survive.

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