Friday, March 15, 2013

Life Plan

Life Plan: What will be left?
By: Tanner Swann
When looking at this Stock Check for renewable resources, a lot of thoughts and conversations came to mind. One of them being when I was younger of how I didn’t need to worry about what was going on in the world because I was only 16. Now I’m 19, I’m still worried because there are days when I learn and see things like this and I want to know what in my future is impacted because of it. It’s selfish, but still valid I feel.  About 17% of the world is between the ages15-24 years old and they are going to have to go through some form of thinking in terms of a life plan and what they want out of it. Cultures and life goals will be different of course, but showing the ripple effect in my life and others in the world is an important realization.
In 8 years, I’ll be 27. This point I would like to assume that I have a place of my own, school debts, a decent job and perhaps a significant other. The prediction is that Antimony will not exist. I will have to make do without battery operated appliances and hope I don’t need any drugs with this chemical.
In 17 years, I’ll be 36. Have little children of my own, hopefully attained a career and established a lifetime partner. The use of touchscreens, solar panels, medals and jewellery will not be created because of the end of silver and indium resources. I feel any parent would want to provide their children with the things that they didn’t have when they were younger. I don’t have the opportunity to provide my children with these accessories.
Between 32 and 35 years from now, I’ll be at least 51. There will be an all-time high of gas prices because we will run out of gas in 2047. How am I supposed to pay for gas? Should I expect my children, who should be in their 20’s, to come and drive me places?
In 2050, a third of land, plant and animal species are going to be extinct due to climate change. I will be 57, enjoying my life, my grandchildren possibly and have the opportunity to retire. When I look out my window, I will see a completely different world of nature. Perhaps, the story of the rabbit & the hare. Mother Goose and Little Red Riding Hood will cease to exist because my grandchildren will have no clue what I’m talking about.
In 2060, I’ll be 57 and know that globally the world is reaching a higher temperature. I don’t know how to tell my grandchildren that it is my fault this is happening.
In 2087, I will be 94. It is expected that I will soon be dead, so I have to prepare myself and my family to move on. It seems the world is dying with me at this point.  Agricultural land is gone and within my children & grandchildren’s lifetime they will see the coral reefs and rainforests vanish as well. They will not have the same privileges that I had growing up. Knowing that whatever I leave them in my will won’t change anything makes me wonder why I brought children into the world in the first place. How could I have been so selfish?

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