Friday, February 8, 2013

Corporate Social Responcibility on Solid Waste

Industry Canada - Corporate Social Responsibility

This Government Website gives the information about the Corporate Social Responsibility on Waste Management. Waste Management is divided by the two parts one is Solid Waste and another is Liquid Waste. There are number of industries in Canada who produce the tones of waste per day. There are business waste materials & liquid wastes dumps in the land and that pollute the land and the water. First all industries has to be reduce the waste and secondly, they have to use their waste in a creative manner. We can use the waste in a creative manner, we can recycle the waste or we can compost in a landfill sites and get a gas which helps the households and industries. With the help of reducing waste we can build a methane gas and also help to the environment to make a slow climate change.

Waste Management:

1. Solid Waste

2. Liquid Waste

Solid Waste:

SCR plan helps to manage the Solid waste. There are numerical ways in Canada, so you can manage your solid waste. Firstly, you can contact to the local municipality they have good knowledge about the waste recycle. Secondly, you can estimate the generated waste annually with the help of waste bill and then you can contact to the landlord they will help to reduce the waste. Thirdly, we can audit our waste and figure out which waste we generating more and then we can try to reduce it with different ways, we can also brain storm for the reuse of this waste. Furthermore, there are also some programs that can use your disposal waste. For instance Cell Phones for Food, Computers for school and so on. With the help of these things business can get the financial benefit for reducing the waste and increase recycling.

Liquid Waste:

Liquid waste from the business can be recycling through the waste water treatment plants. Chemical, metal, grease and other wastes cannot be removing with the help of treatment plant, it pollutes the society. Most outside drains are carry the rain water and drain this water to streams, oceans and rivers. Its affects to water species for instance fish. It also makes the water dirty which harm to the people who use this water to drink. Industry can make a list of liquid waste paints, liquids, chemical, lubricants, Oil and so on. Then they can develop some policy how they can reduce it or recycle it. You can also take a help from local municipality or from Environment Canada. The reason to reduce the liquid waste is to make environment healthy and green. Reduce green house effects and maintain the weather cycle.

  By, Hemang Bhavsar

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