Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gas prices across Canada,

Mark Sanderson                  
Gas Prices Across Canada

I will discuss my view about gas prices across Canada, here is a link I think you should check out.

Something I discovered recently is Canadian oil is being sold to America for  manufacturing is done then sold back at a higher costs. This causes Canadians to pay more for taxes, we need strong   

The oil is from Canada and should stay within Canada's Region,  manufactured and produced sustainably and to have consistent pricing.

What you see on this site is the price of gasoline across Canada, this one is an example of Ontario.
Prices in Alberta are less than prices in Ontario.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper vows Chinese takeover of oil firm Nexen "the end of a trend" said the f takeovers of Canada's oil patch with a $15.1 billion buyout says it wont happen again.

President Obama is raising gas prices in the US.

Gas chart

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