Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bradon Kelly Bank of Montreal - Corporate Responsibility procedures

Bank of Montreal- CSR Bradon Kelly

This website outlines all procedures the Bank of Montreal takes while providing a high standard of customer service to all their clients. This company is a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility, as they continually find new ways to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. On this website you will find plenty of information about the banks responsible policies and procedures they have in place in order to provide an excellent level of service, while reducing their ecological footprint.

The article is very easy for anyone visiting the BMO website to find. All they have to do is go to the About BMO tab at the top of the screen, and they will find Corporate Responsibility is the third tab down on this page. Under this tab are a dozen different sections to visit, each explaining ways the company is performing corporate responsible measures. A few of the sections included under Corporate Responsibility are: Community, Economic Contribution, Employees, Customers, Environment, and Awards and Recognition. These sections explain how the Bank of Montreal is showing responsible initiatives in each, and ways they will improve operations to decrease environmental impact.

Bank of Montreal puts customers as their highest priority and will stop at nothing to make sure they are completely satisfied with their visit. Some ways the bank measures satisfaction is by having employees fill out KPI surveys and taking any suggestions by them, and by having surveys available in the banks or online for customers to use.

These surveys seem to be working out for the Bank of Montreal since they have been on Canada's Top 100 Employers list the past 6 years.

The Bank of Montreal is definitely a leader in Corporate Responsibility, and I feel anyone studying or working in the Corporate Responsibility should take a look at this site and use it to their advantage. It taught me a lot about how to be operate a responsible business. 


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