Friday, February 15, 2013

Travis Taylor- What are the Toronto Maple Leafs doing for the Community?

Hockey is considered Canada's game, it defines us as a nation. Hockey gives the fans the action that they love and also creates some interesting debates on what team is better than who, who the next superstar will be, and good old fashioned entertainment when watching a hockey game. Have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes that doesnt get mentioned in the media? things you dont even know about your favourite team?

Im a huge fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, you could say I bleed blue and white. I have found over the years some interesting reading material  about the leafs that I hadnt known about before, and that was how much the Maple Leafs do for the community.

Take the captain of the Maple Leafs currently, Dion Phaneuf. He has created a program where patients at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto get to go take in the festivities of a Leaf game in a fully customized Suite with no charge to the patients. Dion pays for the box seats year round so that he can give the tickets to sick kids in order to get their morale up from being in the hospital so long. To this date Dion has spent over $250,000 of his own salary to help the patients from Sick Kids Hospital.

Dion Phaneuf is not the only player of the organization that helps out the Sick Kids Hospital, many players go to the Hospital weekly so that the kids can see their hero's in the flesh and get to hangout with them one on one. Players do this because they want to help the kids feel better, even if it is for only a couple hours.

Another program that the Leafs organization have in place is the Lupes Troops campain. This is a program that Joffrey Lupel is a huge part of, every home game Joffrey and the Leafs organization bring a veteran or serving personnel in the Canadian Armed Forces to the game and honor them during a break in the game with a huge standing ovation from the crowd. The organization feels that every veteran or currently serving member of our Canadian Armed Forces should be respected by all for the effort and time that they put into protecting this great nation, if it wasnt for the Leafs many of these Hero's would go unmentioned or unthanked.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a proud hockey team who thrive on helping others in their community. The Leafs im sure will continue their great Corportate Social Responsibilites and keep helping the Toronto Community and any other community that they can. They truely are the best team around.

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