Friday, February 22, 2013

Ford Pinto - Shelby Farrell

Ever since the day we discussed the Ford Pinto Case it has never left my mind. I understand companies want to make a profit and the fact that it would cost more to fix compared to lawsuits once the cost benefit analysis was completed. However I feel that no price should ever be put on an individual’s life. Ford wouldn’t have continued making the product if a family member of the chairman was who had been taken due to this problem, the reason they weren’t was because Ford knowledge keep their families safe just the people who trusted your product.  I find that a little ironic that they are willing to sell these products but would not drive them themselves. This commercial shows how little the impact was required for this car to combust. It really makes me consider everything someone tells me like oh this is safe and has these features to protect you, but now I understand they are not selling these features for your benefit but just a profit.

I Believe that the amounts that for was paying to the families who had individuals killed or injured due to their product was not significant enough. Money can’t buy love or happiness and that is what those people gave to their families. 

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