Friday, February 22, 2013

The main problem with Off Shoring - Shelby Farrell

Companies use underdeveloped countries every day to make larger profits due to the low labour costs. I have known about this going on for a while but it wasn’t under after watching the movie The Corporation I decided to look further into the companies who use off shoring as a way to produce their products. I have discovered that some companies use third parties so the lack of health and safety and labours are not directly tried to companies such as Nike. I was shocked to find out the list is still consisting of both new companies and older companies. However there has been added pressure on these companies now which has lowered the number of companies using what is called Sweatshops. Sweatshops are places of work where the working conditions are way be what we would consider poor, the employees work long hours for very little pay; these places are usually in underdeveloped countries where those running them believe they are giving the people a way to make money to support their families. However with that being said the conditions and health and safety need to be improved dramatically. After doing some research I found 10 companies that everyone has either seen or heard of that have become apart of our everyday life:
1.    Ikea
2.    Kohl’s
3.    Walmart
4.    Abercrombie & Fitch
5.    Adidas
6.    Disney
7.    Burrberry
8.    Starbucks
9.    Nike
It is hard to believe these companies are or have been involved with sweatshops or exploiting underdeveloped countries because of the increase in profit they are about to make. Below is a video showing some of the poor conditions as well as telling you about some of the problems that occur in sweatshops. Off shoring have both positive and negative effects on undeveloped countries and I believe sweatshops are one of the worse effects because everyone should have rights to work safely as well as be paid what they deserve.


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