Friday, March 9, 2012

Apple Not So Socially Responsible

When thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility, the biggest Corporations like
Apple Come to Mind. Apple is seen as one of the most innovating and successful
corporations ever. They have fun easy to use products and have a huge customer
base. One thing Apple is not so concerned about however is CSR. Apple does not
provide an annual corporate law sustainability report. They also don’t donate
very much too charitable organizations. A major corporation like Apple that
provides fun to use products seems to create a younger more active consumer
base. Csr is becoming important to these kinds of consumers who are concerned
about the state of the environment, and the consumers and investors have the
power to start pushing Apple into the csr direction.
It is
obvious that the purpose of a Corporation is to make a profit, and that is
understood. But when you’re making huge amounts of profit like Apple does one
can only start to question why that money isn’t being used to support charitable
events, and sponsor educational programs to support the consumers who are
buying their products, and will continue to purchase their products in the
By Kyle

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