Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fiji Water's Efforts To Be A Carbon Negative Company

Fiji Water taking the bottled water industry in the right direction!

Representatives talk to Fiji Water’s senior vice president for sustainable growth, about their approach at being a carbon negative bottled water company. The vice president discusses their main approaches in making the smallest carbon footprint as possible and reducing the amount of packaging used in the making of the bottles. He also talks about their plans to sustain the rain forest in Fiji where they are currently taking the water. They plan to restore the rain forests they are currently using to make sure it is exactly the way that they found it. It is always nice to hear a company making efforts to give back to the environment.

Fiji Water had impacted the community in Fiji by becoming the only bottled water industry there. Before Fiji Water came in, there was only unhealthy soda available to drink. Fiji Water came in and gave the people not only clean, fresh water to drink but also some of the highest paying jobs in the community. The people that had left the city to find jobs, found themselves returning back. Fiji Water has changed so many of the lives in the Island of Fiji. They now are 20% of the exports from Fiji.

Fiji Water communicates their incentives through the much time spent with the customers. Talking to their beverage distributors, retailers, hotels and restaurants gives them mostly all of the feedback they need to know. They have recently found that many people want to know the company behind the brand and are therefore able to tell people about their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Fiji Water is defiantly taking the upper hand in the bottled water industry

Reanna May

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