Friday, March 2, 2012

Striving For Sustainability

I was searching through information about Tiffany & Co. when I came across an article about how Tiffany & Co. has been fighting to raise awareness of the dangers of mining in Bristol Bay, Alaska. It is one of the world’s most productive Salmon fisheries. The company wanted to make people aware that if any more mining is to be done in this location they would be wrecking a productive ecosystem. Upon further research I found out that this jewellery company has been raising awareness like this for over 10 years.

Hearing about how conscious Tiffany & Co. is about their mining practices and ecological footprint makes their products even more appealing. This company is already viewed as well branded and seen as prestigious. They would not need this corporate social responsibility coverage in order to maintain a high level of sales. Yet Tiffany & Co. has been making conscious decisions to reduce their ecological footprint in any way that they can. They have been trying to protect many areas because of the importance and beauty of the location even though they may be a profitable area to mine.

Not only is it just mining that is making Tiffany & Co. such a social responsible company. Even their little blue box and their packaging is thought of when reducing their ecological footprint. “In 2010, more than 83% of the materials used to produce the Tiffany Blue Box® originated from post-consumer recycled sources.” Tiffany & Co. also has put health care clinics in many of their facilities that provide free health care for their employees. They are devoted to promoting a healthy and productive lifestyle for the employees. These are only a few examples of what Tiffany & Co. has done to become more socially responsible. There are many more ways that are mentioned on their CSR website.

As if Tiffany & Co. was not already viewed as a prestigious company known for their jewellery and their signature Tiffany’s blue box, this information makes them even more desirable. I am even more inclined to spend the extra money for their jewellery and products, knowing that this company puts so much thought and effort into what they are doing for the planet and their employees around the world. Think about what company you choose to go with when buying your next piece of jewellery. Maybe this will open your mind to those little blue boxes.

Krista Gadd

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