Friday, March 23, 2012

Coca-Cola Sustainable Packaging

Coca-Cola Sustainable

Coca-Cola has put out a 2010/2011 sustainability report
and has many reasons why you should believe them.
One part of the report they
are striving to achieve having zero-waste by:
Designing consumer-preferred, resource-efficient
Eliminating waste to landfills
Using recycled and/or renewable materials
According to the report 85%
of their products delivered are in recyclable bottles and cans, and those packages
are the ones that can make the greatest difference. So they are going to focus
most of their effort on the recyclable bottles and cans. They said to improve
their packaging; they will have to balance environmental concerns with their
need to protect product quality and manufacturing. They are going to start
transporting their products economically. I found it interesting how not a lot of
people think about business rick when it comes to a beverage container but Coca-Cola
does. Their packaging helps them meet their strict quality requirements and
deliver their products safely to their consumers. Apparently if their packaging
is not energy efficient to make, they could lost profit. For any business if
the price of any materials needed to produce anything it means potential harm
for the business. Also, if laws and regulations change for beverage bottles
that could increase their cost and lower demand for their products. Which I found
interesting because I didn’t really think about laws and regulations for
beverage bottle could increase costs so much it could lower demand. They don’t want
to be viewed as a company that contributes to global pollution because more consumers
are coming more environmentally friendly and only want to buy products that don’t
produce a ton of pollution. Coca-Cola has a ton of goals the want to meet.
As Coca-Cola continues to
lightweighting their packaging it has proven to reduce costs, materials and
resources. Apparently, in 2010 they had saved $90 million by reducing packaging
launched a
10.5-gram Damla 500-ml PET bottle in Turkey
In the
Philippines they reduced the use of glass material by 20 percent
Trimmed the weight of our 20-ounce PET plastic
bottle by more than 25 percent
Shaved 30 percent from the weight of our 12-ounce
aluminum can
Lightened our 8-ounce glass bottle by more than 50

Goal: Coca-Cola wants to improve packaging material
efficiency per liter of product sold by 7 percent compared with a 2008 baseline
by 2015. (I find this goal they set out
to be attainable but it all depends on Coca-Cola if they can make it happen.)
Coca-Cola plans on supporting the
RPET market and helping to clean up the oceans. I find helping cleaning up
the ocean is a good move on their part because a ton of their product ends up
in the ocean each year. It will also make their company look better in the
public eye which could gain them more consumers. They plan on implementing
their new packaging management system slow but steady.
Goal: They plan on recovering 50% of the equivalent bottles and cans used per
year by 2015 and so far they have recovered 36% of the cans and bottles that
make it to the market.

Coca-Cola’s research and
development team has created PlantBottleTM packaging. PlantBottleTM is the first-ever
recyclable PET bottle made partially from plants. That move on their part is a
good move on their part. I like knowing that the products that I am consuming
are more environmentally friendly it makes me feel better about buying them. PlantBottleTM packaging will be available
in 16 markets, and 7 billion PlantBottleTM packages will be
distributed by the end of 2011. Another good thing I find really good for any
company to do is support recycling systems around the world and investmenting in bottle-to-bottle recycling

By 2015, Coca-Cola wants to source 25% of their PET
plastic from recycled or renewable material

I really like the things Coca-Cola is doing to
improve their company. IN the report there are many more things they plan to
do. This is just one section I choose it seemed the most interesting for me.

By: Marissa Hanrahan

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