Sunday, March 18, 2012

Intel inside the Classroom

After reading this article about what Intel has been doing
as far educating children I was happily surprised. I usually read how bad these
big companies and how they only take from the world and give nothing back. Intel
has given me hope that they can actually make differences. Don’t get me wrong
here I know they are not the second coming or anything like that when it comes
to CSR but that fact that they are putting money out there for children to get
a better education is a good thing I realize that one of their motivators is
that they are going to need highly educated and intelligent people in the near
future to become there employees to help them stay in front in a highly competitive
business like microchips but I say who cares there ulterior motives as long as it doesn’t in danger anyone or
anything and gives children especially
in the USA who are getting a reputation for
not having a good public education system amongst first and second world
nations a chance for their future in this ever growing global economy where you
could be competing for a with someone half way across the world .``About 10
years ago, Intel dramatically stepped up its education programs. It now values
its annual support for education programs supporting math, science and
technology at $100 million, a combination of cash grants, equipment and
services.``. I realize that Intel only rank 13 in the most generous corporations
in terms of total cash donation but who cares what the other thousands are or
corporations doing to help out children in the USA. Anyway like I mentioned I
know there is room for improvement for Intel and hundreds of other companies
trying do a good thing but it is a good
start looking forward to see what they do next .
By Peter Galione

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