Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pushing Businesses Towards CSR

I came across this article and it was interesting to see that many businesses are pushing towards CSR on their own, which is good! Reading further it made sense that the government role is shrinking with businesses because in the past, governments have relied on implementing regulations to make social and environment laws for businesses to follow. But now most companies are making the voluntary choice to do these themselves. With this said, there are competitive labour markets for workers. Employees are no longer just looking at the pay cheque; they are looking at what the company stands for, how they conduct business and their
operating practices to determine what work environment they will work in. In order for businesses to hire the best workers that are qualified for the job, working conditions have improved as well. As stakeholders are becoming more interested in how their corporation conducts business, many companies are taking steps to ensure that their partners conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner. Some are introducing codes of conduct for their suppliers, to ensure that other companies' policies or practices do not ruin their reputation.
Some of the positive outcomes from going social responsible include: Increased sales, customer loyalty, charitable contributions from the community, and involvement with the community. These are just some of the benefits for companies.


by: Nicole Nelson

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