Friday, March 23, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Hybrid Car

In 1870 a man named David Salomon used an electric motor powered by early batteries to propel his carriage. This was the first electric car. Since many have made attempts but none have had any great success in the market, until the release of the Honda Insight in 1999. The Insight boasted a highway gas mileage of 61mpg making it the most fuel efficient car on the market until now. With the release of the 100% gasoline powered 2012 Mazda 2, which reports highway fuel usage at up to 70 mpg, hybrid technology can't keep up. Not only are hybrids falling behind newer gas technologies in fuel efficiency but also put much less strain on the planet as well as humanity to produce. Extracting the raw materials used to make the batteries which power electric cars mainly nickel, copper and lithium cause great problems mainly in China. Recently China has become a monopolist supplier of lithium. This has not come without great hardship, in the Bayan Obo region of China miners removed topsoil and extracted the metals using acids that entered the groundwater destroying nearby agricultural land. Producing a gas powered vehicle has less ecologic impact than producing a hybrid and now that gas technology is surpassing that of hybrid they are more economical to drive. With 95% of the vehicles on the road being gas or diesel powered and projections showing only a 5% decrease in that number by 2020 it is not in your best interest or the planets to purchase a hybrid car.

By: James Coulas

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