Friday, March 9, 2012

Solar Power Oppertunities

I found this awesome website it shows you different possible investment you can make in purchasing solar power. You can buy anything from a small personal panel to power your own house to a $2.6 million system that can produce revenue up to $6.3 million in 20 years. It's a really cool website and it can show you how there is a lot of money to be made, business to be done all in an ethic and socially responsible way. Since the solar energy industry is rapidly growing now is a perfect time to start trying to get your foot in the door. It's a way for you to potentially make a lot of money and also feel really good about what you are doing. it's a type of business that you can't really find one that's more environmentally friendly and responsible. if you are interest and want to learn more about solar power I suggest you watch the movie "Here Comes The Sun". You can find it on It shows all the advancement in the technology of solar panels, and since it is becoming a way larger industry worldwide the panels are becoming less costly and more efficient due to innovations and mass production. The documentary details how Germany has shifted their energy resources to solar and how well it has been doing for them.Also many other countries are investing a lot in producing solar power, like China. It's the largest employment industry in Germany. They have created this massive amount of business and jobs and it's all being done in a very socially and environmentally responsible way. This industry is expanding all over the world, but Canada is falling behind. we haven't come nearly as far with converting our energy to clean solar energy as a lot of other countries, especially in Europe. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. With Candace being behind it means that there is a huge business opportunity available. Since it's not being done all that much and can be very profitable, there's opportunity to crack into the market and really drive the move to Solar Power. You can make a ton of money, create jobs, and help the environment. It's something I highly suggest you look more into and see the possible investments and careers that are out there in this industry. You won't want to look back 20 years from now an wish you had of got into solar power.

John Martin

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