Thursday, March 15, 2012

A sour bite out of apple

I have just finished reading an article written February 22 2012 about a scandal within the apple inc. Supply chain ( It was regarding one of the many disturbing truths that have surfaced in the past few years about apple’s I-product component suppliers. This particular article deals with a chemical used by employees of united win technology. A company owned by Taiwan-based Wintek Corporation. So you have Apple Corporation who has one of its many Chinese contracts with Wintek Corporation who has a company who produces some of the components for apples Iphone. I know it’s a mouth full but with good reason, this just goes to show you how little responsibility a public name brand like apple actually wants to take for the people affected by the production procedures. Procedures which it uses to meet the high demand for the product that there iconic brand produces. Can you say limited liability abuse?

So here is the basics of what happened, so far 137 employees have come forward and been treated for nerve damage and muscular atrophy side effects caused by exposure to a poisonous chemical called n-hexane. They were exposed to this Chemical when working in the apple supplier factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. They simple task of cleaning the touch screen portion of the popular device, where I’m sure they could have used some other non toxic chemical, is how they were introduced to this extremely harmful, possible fatal chemical.

So the question is what does apple do about this? They offer compensation of 80,000 to 140,000 Yuan (12-22 grand in US currency).The employees where only eligible for the compensation if they signed an exemption agreement. The agreement negated Wintek or Apple from any further responsibility if their conditions worsen.

I’m curious who is responsible for this obscene mistreatment of so many human lives? is it Win technology Wintek corp. or Apple Inc.? Or is it the fault of an even larger conglomerate the likes of which put unnecessary pressures and time constraints on these organizations. The biggest delegators of blame are also the biggest hypocritical, irresponsible organization of all. It is our selves it is mankind.

Written by,

Josh Anshen


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