Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flint, Michigan: From Bottom to Top in 2 Years

This YouTube video takes a look at the new Flint, Michigan. After having so many layoffs with General Motors, Flint went into an economic downturn as businesses closed all around town. The Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy Company came into town and started providing jobs for its citizens. They currently employ 500 workers and plan to hire thousands more. Since this company has moved in town, it has allowed more people to find work which has sparked the creation of new businesses and restaurants. They are expecting to be a billion dollar company by the end of 2012 yet still treat their employees and municipality with respect. “In 5 years when you’re talking about the Michigan Miracle, it has started today” –Neil Sheridan (Director, Center for Innovation & Economic Development). Michigan and Flint especially, are making the necessary movements to turn their economy around.

I had a chance to watch Michael Moore’s documentary titled “Capitalism: A Love Story” and this company is prove that organizations can make a difference. Right now, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy seems to care not only about the well being of their business but also the greater good of the town. They understand that the people of Flint need employment and are not taking advantage of them in the process. Since the auto industry took a hit, many people have been struggling to make enough to get by. It is good to see a company with good ethic come in and take care of them. I think if people understand what this has company has done for their community, they will start to invest.

Furthermore, with the arrival of Diplomat, Flint is able to strengthen and maintain its middle class. Since the 90s, houses and business had been boarded up and it seemed as though the middle class was fading away. Diplomat is hiring locals to give them back a steady income so they can live a healthy, middle class life. This is allowing more people to open businesses and giving more people the opportunity to get jobs.

-Daniel Parsons

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