Friday, March 23, 2012


This is great documentary I found on Here is the ling This film is very inspirational. It's about how business can become environmentally friendly. The film is about an American design architect named William McDonough and a German chemist named Michael Braungrant. They are the two people who invented cradle to cradle.

The design products to be what they call tecknocyclable. This is different from recyclable since in the recycling process of the product none of it is lost so 100% of the product is reused. Also everything in the product is environmentally friendly. it's an amazing way for companies to become more environmentally friendly and increase profits. Since all their products can be made into new ones they significantly reduce raw material purchases. It's a way for companies to be sustainable and better their CSR practices. They also design products to be biodegradable.

There version of biodegradable is much more effective then what we know. Since the products they design to be biodegradable are actually full of nutrients that can enrich soil. Therefore the products can be composted instead of taken to a landfill. One textile company made there textiles environmentally friendly. Before they had a large amount of waste which was considered toxic and very expensive to dispose of. Now that there product was made of environmentally friendly material there waste was actually converted into a felt by-product that was sold to farmers to cover strawberry plants in the winter and would bio degrade in the spring and feed the plants. therefore they took an expensive toxic waste and converted it in a profitable by-product.

There is a lot of money to be made in these kinds of ideas. Going green can actually reduce a companies cost and increase their profits from creating products to be cradle to cradle.

Another thing the film details is how factories can be built to not only reduce environmental impact, but actually contribute to making it healthier. The factories are built LEED certified and are completely sustainable. But it's not just good for the environment it's good for profits a s well.

Companies in the film that have these sustainable factories have increased employee health, employee productivity, reduced operating costs, and increased revenue. These sustainable practices show how it's can be good for the environment, society, and profits. it's a great way to incorporate great CSR practices in a business and will have a positive impact on all three parts of the triple bottom line. So it's a win for everyone. It also can be done to any type of business no matter what size or industry. I highly recommend that people watch this video, it's an example of how business could be done and should be done. Imagine a world without landfills. That's one of the possibilities and huge benefits by adopting the cradle to cradle practices.

John Martin

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