Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Kill Shelters and Ethics?

When people think of CSR, they think of the treatment of humans and their working conditions. What about the animals and their living conditions? I think they deserve some attention too and they need our help.

Treating humans badly is unethical, so is treating animals badly unethical too? even if they aren't human and they can't talk back or fight back? Yes, it's very unethical, and cats live too and they can feel pain.

One aspect we need to take particular attention is the no-kill shelters for cats. The people who create these shelters say they are rescuing cats from shelters that will kill them if there get’s too many in number. They also claim to feed them, medicate them if they get sick and provide lots of room for them to get exercise

In reality, this is not the case. At the Caboodle Ranch website it looks like the most delightful place for cats, and you’d almost be jumping out of your chair to donate to keep them running. What the ASPCA and PETA have recently found out is the most disgusting conditions you’d ever dreamed of. Dirty rooms, maggots around the medication and food, cat urine and feces everywhere and that’s just the beginning. The cats that were shown in the video were visibly ill, and to the point where if they didn’t have help soon, they would die. Some cats had lung infections and were wheezing; their fur missing and deep wounds; broken bones and were limping; so skinny they look like skeletons and these are just a few.

The part that really angers me is the Caboodle Ranch website. Everything they talk about is a lie. They talk about what happened when they were exposed by the ASPCA and PETA and how the authorities confiscated the ranch, the ranch cats, their computer equipment and even their personal cats. They claim that the cats make a mess during the night and they clean it up when they start the day at 9am. How does this explain the suffering and diseases that these cats have? They certainly didn’t progress over night. They are even collecting donations and created a petition to get the ranch started again. How can these people

It was so upsetting to watch the video that I wanted to stop it. I don’t understand how someone could be so cruel to animals and get away with it for so long. Another problem with this is that they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong and there were actually helping the cars, and they still do. Wiping Clorox wipes on cats faces’ is NOT helping them.

To watch the video that PETA filmed, go to this link: (WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC MATERIAL) This link also contains written material about evidence that Caboodle isn’t a good place for cats.

To visit the Caboodle Ranch website to read their side of the story click here:

As of right now, the cats have been seized, and the man in charge of Caboodle Ranch has been put into Custody for the things he has done. However, his wife and assistant are still collecting donations to clear his name. If you want to help keep Caboodle Ranch closed and to keep cats away from this awful man, go to the first link above and send the form to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer services.

- Sara Davey

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