Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Immigration Laws Likely Means Lawyers Busy

In or around June, the Canadian law system will be imposing a new act called the Balanced Refugee Reform Act. This means that there will be stricter laws and regulations being put in place for immigrants coming into Canada for living purposes. It does not matter where they are coming from, but it just is a sure way to sort through fake or unsuitable immigrants. They are saying that the layers are surely going to be busy until this bill has been passed because there has be a mass surge of immigrants trying to make it over to Canada before the act is officially in place.

There have been numbers as high as 105 people a night coming into Canada to begin their new lives in our free country. The issue is, people are upset because they don’t feel that this is right, or they are upset because they think it is just a ploy to make more money for the lawyers. They are both complete opposites, yet it seems like no matter what is done, someone will be unimpressed with the decision. For Canada’s sake, this act could be a wonderful thing, to help keep control of the population and who is within that population. It will bring work for layers, like others have mentioned either in an angry state or a welcoming state, but it will also bring work for other industries that are short staffed. Or it may have the opposite effect and have harsher effects because of the unemployment rate already in place.

In my opinion, no matter what is done, people are not going to be happy with the decision. Businesses may be happier to have a more select group coming through into the country, but until the act has actually been put in place, there will continue to be a large group of immigrants coming into the country without an in depth sorting system to see if they would be suitable for living here. Ever since the announcement of this new bill, they have had a huge overflow of immigrants. If they had have just left it alone, they wouldn’t be overwhelmed with the mass immigration levels.

Brianna Grant

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