Thursday, March 22, 2012

CEOs Overpaid?

In this article they are debating whether or not CEOs are overpaid or not? The answer in 99.9% of the population is yes. But if the CEOs are not making the money who should? Where should the millions of dollars earned every year by large corporations go? Well there are lots of ways to benefit the environment and civilization. I believe that CEOs should earn more than the average Joe because somehow someway they managed to be a CEO of a company. The way they see it in the article is that if a CEO can earn the company 3 million extra dollars should he be worth that extra 3 million? I think that he should be entitled to some part of the company’s profits that he helped earn over his time period. But what about all of the bonus and shares that CEOs receive, I think they are ridiculous. Who should earn 5 million extra a year in bonuses most people in the world would never make 5 million in their life time but CEOs earn it in a bonus. There is also great debate whether Pro athletes deserve to make what they earn and comparing it to CEOs whether or not it’s fair. CEOs defiantly get more bad publicity than pro athletes when they make less than the average pro athlete would make, why is that? Is it because people idolize pro athletes and think CEOs just sit on the butts all day doing nothing? I believe that some CEOs such as Enron’s executives did the bad thing and defiantly gave CEOs a bad reputation but I feel that some actually deserve what they earn if they did it legitimately. When it comes to pro athletes I think they do get paid excessive amounts of dollars but if they don’t get the money who does because the people running the clubs and organizations already make tons of money so who should get all of this money? I think CSR would defiantly solve the problem there.

Dave Armstrong

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