Friday, March 9, 2012

Apple: Where Do They Go From Here

Since the death of Steve Job’s Apple has come to crossroads. The company has lost their leader and their visionary and is uncertain as to how things are going to pan out under new CEO Tim Cook. The problem being is Steve Jobs has been the face of this company for many years. His company sold his vision and it will be interesting to see where the go without it. However, new ideas are already starting to come about under Tim Cook’s reign.

Steve Job’s was never the ‘do-gooder’ type, he thought it was more important to provide the world with the best technology. However, recently Cook announced that Apple would embrace a new corporate charity matching program using a model very similar to other major companies. They plan to dollar for dollar match anything any employee within the company donates to charity.

There are some allegations that suggest that Cook only announced this as a quick fix because the perception is that Apple is considerably lacking in terms of corporate social responsibility. True or not, I believe it’s a step in the right direction and could possibly open up more ways for Apple to get more involved with the concept of corporate social responsibility.

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