Friday, February 3, 2012

Alexander Ovechkin

We all know how much Alexander Ovechkin makes from his National Hockey League team the Washington Capitals from one of our first cases in our course. A lot of people don't know that he is the face of several sponsorship deals with other companies. Many of those companies were upset that the star left winger skipped out on the NHL all-star game this past weekend in Ottawa. Companies like Bauer, Mr. Big, Energizer and Gillette were upset about Alex skipping the big event because it gives them time to showcase their star athlete.

Ovechkin didn’t just skip it for any reason. He was suspended a game before for a late head hit to a Pittsburg Penguins defenceman (, which has been subject to controversy with the amount of concussions this year and that the same player he hit also had a similar hit and didn’t get suspended. He Felt that since he was suspended that he shouldn’t attend the event, but others that have been suspended during the all-star break have attended the event and were welcomed with open arms.

The NHL was also upset with his decision because they also have many sponsors during the weekend that would like to see the one of the faces of the NHL without Sidney Crosby there. The biggest disappointment though is for the fans that were coming. Without the two biggest names in hockey being there, the fans got to look at some of the lesser-known players, but most of the fans wanted to see the stars. Ovechkin year after year has one of the highest selling jerseys in the NHL, shouldn’t the NHL be responsible for telling him to go? He was selected to go and should have fulfilled his commitment. He wasn’t injured, he just felt like he didn’t deserve to go. Even if he didn’t deserve to go to play, he should have still gone to be there for the fans. The fans mostly pay for his ridiculous contract, with the amount they pay to get into the games each night. Its not about himself, its about the fans.

As a fan you think he should have gone?

Brendan Carpenter

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