Thursday, February 9, 2012

Top 50 Socially Responsible Cooperations in Canada

I found this article on google just searching for social corporate responsibility in Canada. This is a McLean article that states the top 50 cooperations in Canada that are the most responsible.

This article is based on a study conducted by Jantz-Sustainalytic's, that was based on a examination of media sources, government, online databases, company documents, and stakeholders to compare who were the most socially responsible.

You can take a look at the whole list but the top 5 socially responsible corporations in Canada according to McLeans Magazine were
3 AM
* Cuts costs of greenhouse gases 77% since 1990
*Helping make affordable low cost shoes for kids in Bangladesh
*Using recycled materials to make shows like their new Supernova Glide 3
*Committed to changing its cotton to a better socially responsible company "Better Cotton"
Bank of Montreal
*Apart of Greening Canada Fund, which is the first-ever carbon emissions reduction fund that is targeting larger corporations and their green house gases.

* Gives 10 million toward Youth of Virtual Health Centre, helping Quebec find medical specialists.
*Shared over 250,000 toward the LEED-certified Center for Sustainable Development

Best Buy
* Made "Tech It Away" will take away your old electronics that can't just be recycled
*Working with ECOtality a leader in social responsibility

After looking at this list I believe that they got number 1 right with 3 am after looking further into this company it has drastically changed the way other companies are looking at reducing their green print by a cooperation by 77 percent in 20 years. To do this they have introduced "cool roofing granules" which is helping decrease the effect they have on the environment. I also was impressed by Adidas and what they are doing to make a shoe that is made from recycled material.

Once looking at this shoe you can't even tell that this shoe was social responsibly made. However, consumers are definitely looking for a shoe that is not made in a sweat shop and de with recycled material.

After looking down the rest of the list a couple companies that I was surprised to see on this list were L'Oreal and McDonalds. This is because L'Oreal has been known to use animals to test on and cosmetics are one of the worst things for the environment, as they are an oil product that does never really dispose. I was also surprised with McDonalds because of the effect that their products have on peoples health and since weight is such an epidemic in North America. However, they are trying to change their image by only using sustainable beef and oil.

After researching these companies I believe that Social Responsibility has a role in the consumers minds, which makes them want products that are better for the environment and for the person buying the product when they know that it is from a sustainable source.

By Quinn Stringer

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