Thursday, February 23, 2012

We are Generation Y

I myself am part of Generation Y. Are views differ from the generations before
us as a general trend. One of the ways it does is how we may not accept everything (I know I don’t) but we have a more open mind. We are open-minded about lifestyles and habits that were once considered La Vie Bohème or taboo, such as gay marriages.

The shift in population is moving closer towards us. If majority of Generation Y is of age why is our voice barely registered? For example, with gay marriage laws, if it is mainly Generation Y, and X to be fair that want it to happen why do many governments say no? Because the decision is not made by us, it is made by older generations that have a more traditional view.

I have a problem with that and the trend it is creating. Right now, the older generations are calling the shots while mine is frustrated at the side by not being heard correctly and often. If we don’t get a major say and change things to how we want them until we are older, won’t that mean the generations after us will be in the situation we are now?

That can be called intergenerational tyranny. That is when the older generations make decisions that effects the younger generations without their say or input, then when that generations grows up they inherit the problem and put the blame and hate on the ones before them.

It can even be seen on a small scale in the US. President Obama is under a lot of pressure for the state he put the country in, such as increased the US deficit. What they forget is that President Obama inherited that, before he was even elected they were already 1.3 trillion dollars in the hole.

One of the ways we can have our
voice heard is when we participate in elections. The problem with the Canadian elections is that many young voters are not using this chance. In the last election only 37% of youth voted. One of the reasons is because they don’t have a voter’s card and don’t know how easy it is for them to vote. If they don’t have the card they need only phone a number or show up the day of with identification proving who they are. Thankfully there are groups out there who do their best to encourage and promote youth to vote.

Think about it. While many issues, concerns and problems were created before I was born my generation can make an impact. We want to help create solutions for the existing problems out there. We want to express our opinions and have the government listen. We want our voice to be heard. It starts with baby steps, so maybe next election we will increase the amount of people who actually voted.

Kat Stacey

P.S. Real Pirates have never “walked the plank”, only been thrown overboard. Thank you Hollywood.

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