Friday, February 24, 2012

Commercials: CSR reviewed

Over the last couple weeks I have really been noticing that Corporations are really targeting consumers on how they are being socially responsible. This became aware to me when I was watching television a couple weeks ago and a new Aquafina commercial that all they talked about in the commercial is how they are doing what they can to help the world and showed what they are doing to help. This brought a huge light to my head as I realized that what we had talked about in class was right. Corporations now have a new competition in the world of business and that is in CSR and making it so the consumer knows that when they buy your product its not affecting the world. Since this is a really big problem in our world today with Global warming and companies ruining the world we live in they need to make us feel like the products we buy are helping the way we are changing the world.

This is a clip that I found just for a funny commercial however you could clearly see how the green frame of mind is the main focus of this commercial. Honda shows us in this commercial that the biggest thing people are worried about in a vehicle isn’t what it looks like or how it runs, but how is it on the earth and our environment. I also thought that this was a pretty clever funny commercial, but when it gets right down to it corporations know that we care about the way the earth is being shown love and bettering our planet is in the best interest of the company.

For corporations to be able to be seen as green, and socially responsible they’re has to be someone to show that they are caring for the world. To do this most corporations use celebrities or famous people to be able to “show” the world that they are doing their part in our society. After looking on youtube for commercials I came over this one of Miley Cyrus. Disney is trying to show that they are doing things to help the planet however; they are using a person who has a huge green footprint on the world. Miley Cyrus uses tons and tons of greenhouse gases from year to year from going on planes, to drinking plastic water bottles. So why would a company use someone who isn’t doing there part for the society as a role model for other viewers around the world.

There are also many commercials on TV that are against what corporations are doing for our society and our environment. This is shown in this anti Wal-Mart commercial that was put out in 2008. This is a very powerful commercials especially for mothers as it really challenges them to be conscious of what they are buying and giving to there kids, as many of the products from Wal-Mart, over 70 %, are from China where they have lower standards and then the product is shipped here. I used this commercial to show that all of the media that we use isn’t always just perceiving good things in a negative world like most commercials do. They try and make it seem like the product is more environmentally safe then it really is. These people are trying to warn people that you know what maybe we need to think of where we are getting what we are giving to our kids, and we should know that it is going to be safe, and know exactly where it was from and made.

After looking into commercials about CSR I can tell that this type of competition is only rising from company to company as they are all trying to get there share of consumers that are wanting environmentally and sustainable products. Before corporations only thought about the benefit to the consumer, now they have to be able to be know exactly how safe and green there product is and how to be able to market these products so that the consumers sees the CSR value in it. After watching these videos I am certain that in the next few years more and more of these types of commercials will be on showing viewers how socially responsible they really are.

By Quinn Stringer


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