Thursday, February 16, 2012

Distracted Driving Foes Find New Target- Luxury Dashboards

The Canadian and American Highway Traffic Safety Control wants to make it a new safety feature that your vehicles dash shuts off as soon as the car is placed into gear. It is all in the purpose to avoid distracted driving even further since all of the other rules have been in place, ex no cell phones, iPods, etc. This poses a few problems that I can see. First off, it is going to cost more for the manufacturers to implement this new safety feature, which is then going to increase the cost for future buyers to pay when buying a new car. It also is going to cause problems for people who feel like they are not a distracted driver, but would still like to have their dash functioning during the drive. To me it is going to raise a lot of problems for the people that feel like they do not need to go to these measures to avoid being a distracted driver. Many people may take offense to this safety measure, since they will be grouped with the majority who are distracted drivers, even when they are not.

The question should be asked if they would make this safety feature an option, for people who feel like they may not be distracted while driving. Could they not give the drivers the benefit of the doubt and not take this privilege from everyone?

For the workers on the car line, it will create more work opportunities for workers to place this new safety feature in, but it may cause more upsets than anything. The added cost of paying for this safety feature when you don’t completely agree with it will also cause a problem for buyers and could sway their decision away from that specific vehicle. Is it fair that everyone is being treated the same way with no special treatments? Generally, the answer would be or should be yes, but somehow in this situation, I think that many others would answer that question differently. No matter how much this feature will be sugar coated, there will never be 100% of people happy or satisfied even. In this situation, they need to do what is right for majority of the people. Even though it is going to be costly, the safety of people is more important that a few upset individuals.

Brianna Grant

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