Monday, February 27, 2012

Sustainability on McDonald's

One very large corporation in the world that almost everyone is aware of, is the big golden arches. McDonald's, McDonald's has been around for it seems like forever and this year really caught my attention when I started learning about CSR and what it was all about.

McDonald’s restaurant serves fast food to about 50 million customers a day around the world. There is many other fast food restaurants just like McDonald’s that serve the same sort of food but do not take as much of an impact that McDonald’s does.

It seems McDonald’s gets more interactive with society and the social part of the world then other fast food restaurants around. McDonald’s gives a lot of money towards charity’s and donations which is great and so they should, being a successful corporation such as themselves are very kind and seems they are very thoughtful about their customers, but are they really. They sell fast food and have been proven to not be healthy or make any impact on a well being lifestyle and McDonald’s is trying to do all these nice things to people but they are hurting them by the products they sell.

This leads to how sustainable McDonald’s is and how they are such a large market in the fast food industry and provide food that is not very good for people but make it work.

One of the key approaches McDonald’s take is that they spend billions of dollars on advertising and drawing the customers in because their food tastes good. It isn’t good if you eat it every day or every week but, McDonald’s bases their business on those one time customers that come in once a week or once a month with their families and provide them with this type of food as a treat once in a while.

The billions of dollars they spend on advertising impacts mostly the younger ages which pull their parents in and eventually they have four people buying their food instead of one. It is a lot of money to put out at once but they slowly make it back and it’s worth it, because it shows, it works.

Inside the doors McDonald’s empowers their customers to make the right personal choices by providing them with nutrition facts on all products they sell. They are also having a lot of flexibility and regional variety to meet customer’s preferences by having fun and playful pictures on happy meals and providing play places in certain locations.

Another reason that makes McDonald's so sustainable is putting their customer’s first and growing their employee’s with the skills McDonald’s provides. By becoming an employee of McDonald’s they will train the employee with many skills that will help them be successful in life down the road in many different areas of work. With making the customer’s their first priority shows the type of respect McDonald’s is looking for.

By having the highest food safety and quality standards from farm to fork allows working them to work towards sustainable agriculture production by addressing ethical environmental and economic challenges.

In the U.S nearly two thirds of their restaurants recycle used cooking oil for aftermarket use, including bio diesel. Even McDonald’s has sustainable packaging by approximately 81% of their packaging is renewable from all their major markets.

Overall McDonald’s puts the little things together which make a big difference in the end and it all shows how the biggest fast food restaurant can keep making it big after all these years.

Cameron Head

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