Monday, February 20, 2012

Natural Gas Accessed

By: Danielle Rodo

Gas emissions are a continuous growing concern for our future sustainability. We are now finally seeing some improvements to reduce those emissions that cause greenhouse gas. This above article explains that there is a “new” alternative transportation fuel that has finally been accessed. Our improvement in technology has enabled us to come out with a new super drill bit that can be turned horizontally into gas-bearing rock. By using this fuel we will be producing cleaner emissions than before and is estimated to last America 100 years. This is also an opportunity for Canada and its companies such as IMW industries in British Columbia. Two years ago, natural gas equipment manufacturers, producers, distributors and transporters joined in an alliance called the “Natural Gas Use in the Canadian Transportation Sector Roadmap”. This focuses on converting all public sources of transit to natural gas.

I believe that this is one small step to help better reduce emissions. This new source of fuel will contribute to the four systems conditions of the natural step by watching the concentrations of substances extracted from the earth's crust. Between this and the advancements in hybrid cars, I believe that we will be able to finally have the chance to give global warming a run for its money.

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