Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ethics on Tiger Woods

As you may already know, Tiger Woods is a professional golfer in The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and arguably the best golfer in the world. Many people know this man from watching him on TV, hearing about him from family, friends, and maybe even the on the radio. Tiger Woods is well known for what he does and has accomplished. The many successful things he has done in his lifetime are incredible.

Although Tiger Woods is a very famous athlete and a well-known figure, he is like everyone else, human. He makes mistakes and learns from them and moves on. However, this time Tiger's mistake not only impacted himself. But impacted many corporations and business's around the world. Tiger’s action that he took in 2010 was breaking news around the world. It all started when news came out with Tiger Woods was recently in a car accident. Everyone jumped out of their seat and all attention was over him. Everyone was asking questions and wanted to know more information about what had happened and was he ok?
Later in the year of 2010 Tiger Woods was accused of "cheating" on his wife with many other women around the world and the whole car accident situation was believed he was running away from his wife when they got into an altercation.
This left the biggest golf idol in the world on a short leash with all his fans, the public and media. After these stories got mixed up and changed from mouth to mouth, his corporate sponsors didn't want their business reflecting on the golfer’s personal issues. Therefore many of Tiger's sponsors had dropped him, or did not renew with the famous athlete. The sponsors that had dropped him were, Accenture which is a global consulting firm, Gillette men's shaving gel and AT&T a cellular company in the US.
After the fact everyone was wondering if the big name Nike was going to move on as well with all that has happened. As of now, 2 years later, Nike Golf has stuck with Tiger the entire way and held the endorsement through all his hard times. Nike did however consider that he should take time off golf and figure out his personal items before returning to the game. Tiger did just that and now has returned to golf, however in a very slow pace and now re gaining everyone’s trust and respect back.
Tiger Woods current sponsors to date are, EA Sports, Fuse Science, KOWA, Net Jets, Nike Golf, Rolex, TLC Laser Eyes Centers and Upper Deck. Tiger has been slowly working away at what he does best and gained a few new companies as well as kept some prior to his personal issues.
The main concern is did Tiger Woods do the ethical move on his family, friends, co-workers and sponsors. This left the corporation and sponsorships in a pickle do to his actions and investing a lot of money to endorse and promote their products and or services, based on who he was and what he does for a living.


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