Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Theory

What is Fun Theory? Well the best way to describe it in my words is to make the easy tasks fun. We as a society have grown lazy and soft. We no longer care about others, we care about ourselves first. We try and take the easy way towards our goals. Now we have to ask ourselves how can we get people to participate in the mundane tasks that take up no more that 30 seconds to a minute of our life? How can we build up our bodies for the lazy mess that they have become? How can we make our cities safer by having people actually obey the laws?

Well the Volkswagen asked these questions and got some answers. The way they went about doing this was by starting a contest and called it Fun Theory. Through the contest some of the above questions were answered. In order to get people to stop littering. Well someone came up with a brilliant idea. Have a sensor in the garbage can that makes a whistling sound when you put trash in that sounds like a bottomless pit. Next how can we make people want to use the stairs instead of the escalator? Well brilliantly the idea was born to turn the stairs into a working piano. The sound of the piano at the link on the bottom sound in tune with a regular piano. This means if you were athletic and creative enough you could play a song on the piano. Though it would still be hard.

All of these things are may have been very complex for everyday people to do, but they none the less showed that we can go back to our ways of being helpful, safe and unlazy just by making tasks fun.

Eric Westcott

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