Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rise of Forest Fires

By: Danielle Rodo

Global warming is a serious part of business all over the world. This article above explains how because of the rise of global warming, there is an increase of forest fires all around the globe. In last year alone there was 350,000 million hectares burned with a total fatality of 340,000 people. Dr. Mike Flannigan, (an expert on fire and the potential impact of climate change) explained that the fires are becoming more intense and are harder to control. The basic firefighting strategy of attacking it from front is no longer effective and now you have to try to flank the flames from the side. Places like Alberta last year, had to evacuate 7000 people from their hometown, where the fire claimed 200 houses.

This is relevant to corporate social responsibility because if businesses don’t see the importance of global warming and the output of their own emissions, then they obviously don’t care about their business’ own sustainability. In a study from last year 52% of emissions were produced from industries. As people become more CSR orientated they will look to businesses that care for the environment and their customer’s wellbeing over those that don’t. In the Environic s survey they realised that impressions that a company makes really matters. 49% of consumers said they respect companies’ bases on labour practices and business ethics, environmental impacts and demonstrated responsibility to broader society. Companies that don’t take this seriously are sure to fail in the long run.

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