Friday, February 17, 2012

Green Party Ethics

The video I found ( talks about a couple different issues in British Columbia. They talk about aquaculture, pipelines and the Chalk River nuclear controversy. Elizabeth May is the guest speaker and she is part of the Green Party. She is very ethical person by the way she speaks in the video. She opposes open pen fish farms unlike the Federal Government. I agree with her somewhat. I think fish farming needs to get under control but many people do eat fish so we should be penning some in but releasing some of them as they keep producing. I think one thing she doesn’t mention about open pen fish farming is that if they are not in a secluded area they may catch diseases that are missed because putting them out for market.
When it comes to the topic of building a pipeline for oil north and south of British Columbia, her party opposes it. She asks why does the East side of our country depend on foreign countries to supply their oil when we have it in our own country? She wants Canada as a whole to make an energy efficient plan.
When it comes to Chalk River, she discusses how the nuclear plants we have don’t work on it because they are over 50 years old and that we need to invest in something that will reduce radioisotopes. She really cares about the wildlife and environmental issues we have coming our way soon.
Amy Paszternak

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