Saturday, February 4, 2012

Money and Greed

In the business world these days, money is a major motivating factor that influences the decisions of high level executives. These executives are earning top notch salaries and in most cases are still looking to increase their net worth. These individuals tend to be full of greed and in many situations the need for money or value can be the cause of their downfall or at the very least be the cause of bad decisions. This article stresses that many times human greed can destroy things that money cannot buy such as a good reputation.

The big story mentioned in this article is the conviction of Raj Rajaratnam on 14 counts of insider trading. Insider trading is when a corporations stock or bonds are traded by individuals that have access to private information about the company. Use of this private information is illegal which in this case will lead to ruined reputations and potential prison terms for senior executives at both IBM and McKinsey. Problems like this come about because such executives are always looking to make the most money, even if it means making the money unethically. Is it really worth going to jail for more money when you are already a well off individual?

The author of this article refers to a book that was written many years ago by Jacob Needleman called “Money and the Meaning of Life.” In this book, Jacob Needleman says that “money is the root of all evil, but only if you are not honest about what it means to you.” by this he means that life is more defined by your feeling and actions inside then by anything external that money can buy. Money does make you happy but only until a certain point at which you no longer need money but greed sets in and you always look for ways to find more.

The author stresses that being rich does not make you smart and that it does not automatically lead to a rich life. There is a difference between money and success, to the author success would consist of being totally engaged with all functions, faculties and capacities.

To me personally money would be a part of feeling successful, knowing i have the necessary funds to care for myself and my family would give me the security i want but another part of success to me would be recognition among my co-workers and employees and earned respect shown by my superiors. This would make me feel successful knowing i am doing my part for the organization and getting the respect i deserve.

By Jason Mulligan

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