Friday, February 3, 2012

Leaking again number 4 reactor

This is going to affect us maybe not today or next week but it coming all depends on the weather patterns and ocean currents. I know this is a place where people blog about corporate social responsibility but I am here to blog about the lack of it by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO). TEPCO was voted as the second worst company of the year in an internet poll sponsored by Greenpeace and the Berne Declaration. One of the questions I have is why weren’t they number one? The Nuclear and Industrial Safety agency has found 16 new leaks in reactor 4 this week, and they had to stop cooling for 2 hours. This is ridiculous and the excuse that TEPCO gave was that the pipes froze and cracked. Are they serious that is there excuse with all the engineers and scientists on their payroll they didn’t foresee this problem that water freezes when it goes below zero and cracks water pipes? Come on that’s grade 2 science boys and girls! If you’re not scared already, which makes no sense, and then this should do it for you! When TEPCO was asked exactly how much radioactive material was released they had no definitive answer. Their answer included words like around this much, and it believed that it didn’t get released into the ocean. Believed? What the heck that does that mean. I know what means, they have no firkin idea. I believe when OXFORD dictionary comes out with their latest issue they should change the definition of evil to include TEPCO.

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