Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mystery Behind Diet Soda

By Krysten McCourt

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This article came from a news app on Facebook so it may not be attainable for those who don’t access it. It is free however if you are interested.

In this article, it discussed different affects diet soda has had on people. They tested 2,500 individuals and took into consideration all their health levels at the time. The subjects drank diet soda for a 10-year period. They found that those who drank diet soda on a daily basis were 43% more likely to experience a vascular event than those who didn’t drink any diet soda. A vascular event is when your blood vessels are restricting blood flow. It mostly occurs in the arms. It’s very serious and could cause death.

The research couldn’t prove that diet soda causes heart attacks or strokes directly and could only show that there’s an association. I still find it interesting and important to talk about because what if it does? There are so many chemicals in diet drinks it has to hurt our systems in some way. The movie, The Corporation, has led me to believe that there are hundreds of people trying to cover up/stop this research from happening. Most believe that Coca-Cola came out with Coke Zero because they knew how harmful their Diet Coke product was and didn’t want to wait until that whistle was blown.

So many people of my generation don’t think before they act. Energy drinks can cause death when mixed with alcohol and yet there is a Roxstar Energy drink with 6% vodka in it. Enough of those will put you in the hospital but so many young adults chug them down without a second thought. Studies like this really make you take a step back and realize that there are hundreds of corporations out there that don’t care about your health. I used to think, “if it’s on the market, it shouldn’t be dangerous.” That was my naive thinking as a young teen. The truth is the only one looking out for your health is you. Even those healthy drinks, when you read the ingredients there are numerous ingredients you’ve never even heard of and you know is a chemical. How dangerous is it? Will we ever know?

I’ve read about some studies that say aspartame causes tumours in the brain. Aspartame is in every sugar replacement product. Even some products we wouldn’t expect. Harmful products are all around us and there are hundreds of people who are even aware but have the mindset of, “I’ll deal with that when I have to.”

My point of this blog isn’t to warm you about every single harmful product out there but to reconsider what you accept as normal. Some of you are drinking diet drinks everyday. Even if the drinks don’t cause the vascular events, do you really know?

You can’t trust everything on a shelf.

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