Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What if; Alternative Learning Method?

So here be me first blog! Like others, I had some interesting ideas that came to my mind after watching a video showed in class. The video was “Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms. The video talks about the need to change the way schools works. To change it where classes are more personalized and specific to how the child learns. With that train of thought, what would the impact be?

·More teachers in general would be needed. There would be an emphasis on them having diverse and/or specific training.
·Will need bigger (in general) school to separate the children into groups of different ages and number for each subject.
·Would have to determine the minimum and maximum age that each kid can be in a specific class. This would and should be based on Piaget’s Stage Theory of Cognitive Development. In a nutshell the theory says that kids develop mentally at different ages and until they reach a certain stage that can’t understand a concept.

If we went with this change there are a lot of good things that can come from it. You can argue this from almost all rational sides.

·It could help the economy by creating more jobs, not only for the teachers but everyone else involved in running a school.
·It would help people in the construction related field with the new buildings and modifications that would be needed.
·Our society needs more creative people, not just from a business stand point but to dig us out of this hole we are in with all the ethical, pollutions, political problems we have. The new learning methods would allow students to be more creative without giving/thinking the same old methods to solve a problem.
·Some of the jobs they create will not be traditional jobs. That means they will bring something new and innovative to the market and create money or add value in different sections of the market that are not saturated.

The only problem is you rarely hear about schools using an alternative method. It’s either post secondary after the students are conditioned to a certain way of thinking or it is for people who did not do well at a ‘normal/traditional’ school and need their secondary diploma. However I have found a website that is an online journal that focuses on the idea of altern ativelearning methods. It has some very neat articles and videos. Check out “Jailed”, a substitute teachers talks about an alternative method that is extreme.

Kat Stacey

P.S. Real Pirates did not go “arrr” or “arrrrgh" we have actor Robert Newton to thank for that.

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