Sunday, February 19, 2012

Phone Hacking Scandal Across the Pond

After reading the article it is quite obvious that money had a lot do to with how long this phone hacking fiasco went on unchecked by Scotland Yard. Majority of the of the victims have
been or are in the process of being compensated but that is not the question here the real question is why Scotland yard is getting off with an apology and no heads are rolling or charges pending. This is idiotic! The police lied to parliament over and over again regarding the phone
hacking. They told parliament that they contacted all the victims which in fact they didn’t contact any. Also when asked to produce the information that was gathered by their failed investigation by Mr. Bryant, they refused. If this was a private investigation by a private company they would have had no choice but to produce what makes Scotland Yard so special. It has been proven that they screwed up and that they did not follow proper protocol. They did not protect the people for who they have taken an oath to protect. And still the reasoning as to why they didn’t do their duty to the best of their abilities is still somewhat of a mystery. A simple apology is all that is
required. Appearing at the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the press, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers said “581 of those people had been contacted. However, 231 could not be identified, and 17 had not been told due to operational reasons”. An operational issue really?!? Is that their get out of doing your job right card?
I mean seriously, it is pretty apparent as to what happened I don’t think you need to be a part of Scotland Yard to figure out what happened here. Big business influenced this investigation from the get go, and people’s pockets got a lot fuller for looking the other way. No one is taking responsibility and they are sweeping it under the rug, hoping it will just go away. It shouldn’t. What makes Scotland Yard above the Law? There is corruption here and no one is doing anything about it. If this was the game of Clue, I’m sure an 8 year old would come to the conclusion that SCOTLAND YARD IS GUILTY; IT WASN’T A MISTAKE, IT WAS INTENTIONAL AND PEOPLE BENFITED FROM IT.

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